Ask your Assembly Member to support action on eating disorders

We know that treating people with eating disorders quickly gives the best possible chance of recovery. Furthermore, evidence shows specialist treatment to be the most effective.

In Wales, most patients with an eating disorder receive treatment from general mental health services, and a lack of capacity within specialist service teams means they are only able to provide treatment for the most severely ill patients. This leaves many patients facing lengthy waits for treatment – in some cases as long as 32 weeks.

Will your AM stand up and support our campaign to ensure that everyone with an eating disorder can rapidly access specialist treatment and support, wherever they live?

We’ve given you a head-start by drafting a letter, but personalised messages have even more of an impact, so please adapt this to add your own words and experiences.

Please note, this action is for residents of Wales only. If you wish to contact your MP or MSP, check out our campaigns for England and Scotland.