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This is a fantastic new volunteering opportunity with Beat to become one of our Campaigns Volunteers! You’ll be working closely with the Campaigns Team to make a difference and help people affected by eating disorders. You’ll be able to find out how to campaign effectively in your area and meet other likeminded campaigners who also want to make a difference.

Things you’ll get to do include writing to and meeting with your MP, promoting petitions to your friends and family, getting involved with your local Patient Engagement Group, writing to your local paper and learning all about our health system and how you can get involved to make it better.

The best part is, you can do this role wherever you are in the UK, meaning it’s flexible to you!


What kinds of things will I be doing?

You’ll be learning about how to navigate our political and health systems, as well as getting involved in lobbying events, meeting with your MP to discuss eating disorders, and encouraging your friends and family to work on our campaigns actions too!

What support will I get?

Your main point of contact will be the Campaigns and Engagement Officer at Beat, but our Policy Officer may also be able to support with relevant issues where appropriate. We will be able to advise you on any communications or meetings you have within this role and may even be able to join you for meetings that you have if given enough notice.

I work full time, can I still apply for this?

If you can make the time for meeting with your political representatives, who often operate outside of 9-5 working hours, then you can definitely apply for this! It will probably take up around 2 hours a month at most through writing letters and going to meetings, so as long as you can balance your time you are welcome to join.

Is this role open to carers?

This role is open to anyone with an interest in campaigning for better treatment for eating disorders and access to it in the UK, so carers are welcome to apply.

I’m based in Scotland, can I still apply?

Anyone can apply if they’re from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland!

I’m still in inpatient treatment, is it possible to apply?

The majority of the opportunities with this role require some level of activity, such as meeting with your MP. If you are in inpatient treatment, you may wish to take one of our campaigns online, which can be found here.



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