Email your MP about adult eating disorder treatment

We know that treating people with eating disorders quickly gives the best possible chance of recovery.

Recognition of the importance of early intervention for eating disorders led to the introduction of access and waiting time targets for children and young people in 2015. Progress on this has been positive and in 2017/18 four out of five children and young people waited no longer than four weeks for treatment. In stark contrast, in 2017/2018 only one in four adults were seen within four weeks for treatment and one in five adults waited longer than four months to start treatment. Lives are being put at risk by lengthy waiting times for adult eating disorder treatment. The situation is so bad that we know that some people are making themselves more ill in order to get treatment. This is unacceptable and we must change it.

The Government have indicated that they will begin piloting four-week waiting time targets for adults. We must speak up now to let the Government know how vital it is that these targets are fully funded and extended across the whole of England as soon as possible.

Will your MP stand up and support our campaign to ensure that people of all ages can access eating disorder treatment as soon as they need it?

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We’ve given you a head-start by drafting a letter, but personalised messages have even more of an impact, so please adapt this to add your own words and experiences.

Please note, this action is for residents of England only. If you wish to contact your MSP or take action in Wales, check out our campaigns for Scotland and Wales.

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