Public Health Not Public Shaming – Email your MP

We need the support of your MP to ask them to call on the Government to conduct an immediate review of their plans, which include a range of measures that encourage weight loss.

A weight loss app and the introduction of calorie labelling in some restaurants, cafes and takeaways will be potentially harmful to those vulnerable to developing an eating disorder and those currently experiencing an eating disorder.

As someone affected by an eating disorder highlighted:
“My heart sank when I read that large restaurant companies would be mandated to add calorie information. It took me years to overcome my fear of restaurant food - calorie labelling will without a doubt make it hard for me to eat at any chain restaurant. This is a small thing but the increase in anxiety impacts my social life and thus my general wellbeing. I am not the only one who will experience this.”

Evidence shows that calorie labelling on menus risk exacerbating eating disorders of all kinds. However, there is limited evidence that this reduces obesity at a population level.

We have drafted a letter that you can use. However, we would encourage you to personalise this if you can as we know that personal stories are very impactful. We’ve outlined the risks that the new obesity strategy pose to people affected by eating disorders and the action that your MP can take to help. However, by including the impact these measures will have on you personally and your feelings about them will make the letter even more powerful.

You could also arrange to meet with your MP (virtually) to discuss this topic with them in more detail, the Beat Campaigns Team can support you to do this. You can hear our campaigner, Bex, talking about her experiences of meeting with her MP here. Simply complete your details in the form on this page and you will be taken to the drafted letter.

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